• Sun
    10.00 - 1.00Kea Community Centre, Playing Place, Truro TR3 6ET
    • Do you have any aspirations for you and your dog?
    • Do you sometimes feel you are not achieving what you would like to?
    • Do you know what you want but don't know how to get there?

    If so, this is the workshop for you!

    This is your opportunity to sit down, identify your strengths and weaknesses and work out a realistic training plan for you and your dog. It does not matter if you are looking at how to make a major final, go up a grade or whether you want to work on how to get a young dog ready for competition. Together we can do this!

    Over the years I have worked with many top trainers and highly successful competitors to learn how to set proper goals and nothing beats personal input from somebody who knows you and your dog.

    This training opportunity includes Training Plan Templates, 1-1 time to discuss realistic ambitions and how to achieve them, as well as

     follow up time to review your completed training plan.

    Cost £25.00. The workshop will be led by Jackie Lawer

    This is a Handler only workshop and will not include dogs.